10 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Increasing New Hire Retention

10 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Increasing New Hire Retention

If you’re a hiring manager, you know the importance of employee retention because of its impact on your organization’s overall success. Not only does hiring skilled professionals help bolster business efforts, but so does keeping them around for extended periods, where they can continue using their skills and hands-on experience at the workplace to meet daily objectives. Because higher retention rates are better for your business, check out these surprisingly simple ways to boost your new hire retention rates in no time.

#1. Structure Your Onboarding Program to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Retaining new hires starts at the beginning when connecting with them through the recruiting agency. Focus on structuring your onboarding program to make new hires feel welcomed and supported immediately. You can do this by answering their questions, offering advice, and even pairing them with experienced team members who can show them the ropes as they get started. Taking this approach to onboarding helps everyone get on the same page to collaborate better together.

#2. Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

Put effort into fostering a positive work environment where employees support one another rather than seeing each other as competition. New hires should receive just as much respect as those who’ve been with the organization for years because everyone plays an integral role in helping the business achieve its goals.

#3. Keep an Open Line of Communication 

Communication is the key to success in any business relationship. Don’t expect new hires to know everything as soon as they start the job; don’t leave them in the dark about what they need to do. Clear communication between yourself and all team members should remain a top priority if you want to improve retention rates.

#4. Invest in Your Employees

Don’t just hire your employees and expect them to know everything. Instead, invest in them and their personal and professional development by offering extensive training and courses they can participate in to improve their skills and become even more knowledgeable. Doing so will help new and old hires grow and feel more invested in the company.

#5. Provide Positive Feedback

Most employees are used to receiving feedback from their employees once or twice a year. Rather than making them wait to hear positive things about their work effort, make a conscious effort to provide positive feedback regularly. The commentary can motivate employees and keep them interested in working for the company, ultimately improving your retention rates.

#6. Encourage Team Building Activities

Cohesive collaborations help improve new hire retention rates. But how can you ensure your team members work well together? By encouraging team-building activities that allow them to get to know one another better, build a sense of trust in each other, and enjoy the experience of working as a unit.

#7. Give Employees Well-Deserved Recognition

Recognize your new hires for their contributions. Let them know they’re making a difference. You may even want to have a rewards system in place when these employees reach specific goals, motivating them to continue to work harder and stay focused.

#8. Offer Support and Guidance

When you’re in a leadership role, offer support and guidance. Make all employees feel comfortable enough to come to you with any concerns, comments, or questions they might have. You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or give them the feeling that they’re bothering you by reaching out for help.

#9. Pay Your Employees What They’re Worth

If retaining new hires is the priority, pay them what they’re worth. Employees want to earn a livable wage that gives them the motivation to show up and put forth their best effort each day. Offering competitive wages will make your company stand out amongst others offering similar positions.

#10. Take Feedback Seriously

Request feedback from new hires and take it seriously. Let them know their opinions are of importance to you. Don’t just listen to what they’re saying – make improvements where necessary to show these employees how much you appreciate them.

Retaining new hires isn’t as difficult as it seems. By focusing on your employees from the beginning, whether they come from a recruiting agency or not, you can make them feel appreciated and keep them motivated to want to show up and continue working for your company.

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